By Bob Silvestri The debut CD from singer songwriter Jason Bravo, Between Head and Heart is a mix of adult contemporary pop and ballads. An extraordinary pianist Bravo performs locally and has served as vocal director for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and has performed in Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. An easy comparison would be to early Elton John pre schmaltz phase but with a stronger Josh Groban delivery. He is assisted here by some of the best musicians in the area including Mark Krurnowski and Cave Wilson from The Filter Kings, guitarists Geno McManus and Mir Ali, bassists Aaron Trubic and Jim Kurzdorfer and percussionists Wendell Rivera and Nick Corallo. Dave St Onge and Mike Rorick twist the knobs for a grandiose sound. Check out the tracks "It's Called Movin" on", the piano power pop ballad "Lying Under The Moon", "It's Not My Time" and the Latin tinged "The Right Way To Touch You". For more on Jason Bravo and his debut CD Between Head and Heart go to” - Bob Silvestri

‘Between Head and Heart’ a Bravo CD By Robert E. Kupczyk Bee Entertainment Associate Editor Local singer/songwriter/pianist Jason Bravo’s “Between Head and Heart” is a heartfelt 10-song CD. From the get-go of “Between Head and Heart” you can hear that Bravo has an excellent voice and musicianship and uses them to their fullest throughout the CD. Most of “Between Head and Heart” was recorded and mastered by David St. Onge at DMS Productions in Ransomville. The CD opens with “It’s Called Movin’ On,” a memorable, grooving tune featuring a recurring guitar riff and backup vocal “ahhs” that sounded like Bravo had The Eagles in the studio. The songs “I Can’t Find Any Water” and “The Right Way To Touch You” were recorded and originally mastered at Audio Magic by Mike Rorick. “Please Don’t Say You Love Me” is a standout ballad that is instrumentally sparse, but anchored by a catchy piano theme, Bravo’s tenor voice and piano chord changes. “Between Head and Heart” features pop ballads that reminded me of Elton John and Tim Rice Disney film songs. Such examples include “Lying Under the Moon,” “It’s Not My Time,” “I’m Already Holding You” and “A Welcome In Your Smile.” DISNEY PRODUCERS TAKE NOTE: Bravo’s songs could easily be used in any Disney animated film. (Remember, I tipped you off to him, and I do accept cash and/or checks.) Bravo picks things up with the slick dance song “I Can’t Find Any Water,” a song that moves along at a brisk pace and features everything from wah-wah guitar to a female backup vocal. If we’re talking about musicals, Bravo’s ballad “Take Me As I Am” has an “Aida” feel to it, highlighted by percussion and Bravo’s melodic vocal. “The Champion” starts with a flurry of classical guitar notes played by Mir Ali. I can’t stress enough how well Bravo’s songs and voice suits film or musicals, as “The Champion” exemplifies this point. He’s got the pop ballad formula down pat. “The Right Way To Touch You” is a dance song with a nice beat and features a Santana-tinged guitar response to the vocal in the chorus. The great thing about the CD packaging is that lyrics are included, which gives the listener an insight into Bravo’s songwriting. It seems evident that Bravo is a songwriter who wants the listener to pay close attention to his abilities. All the songs on “Between Head and Heart” were written by Bravo, with only the opening track including additional music by his brother and manager Gregory Bravo. Bravo has assembled an accomplished supporting cast of musicians on “Between Head and Heart,” including his brother Greg, Mark Krurnowski, Cave Wilson, Geno McManus, Aaron Trubic, Nick Corallo, Jim Kurzdorfer, Mir Ali and Wendell Rivera. If you enjoy pop ballads and solid songwriting, then you will certainly take Jason Bravo’s “Between Head and Heart” to heart. For more information on Bravo, visit” - Robert Kupczyk

— Ken Ton Bee

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